Logistics. Insulated containers & portable refrigerators


The eutectic plates are accumulators of thermal energy that they release during transport, allowing to prolong the times of maintenance of the temperature of perishable products.
The technology and the exclusive MELFORM design guarantee a robust, handy and eco-friendly product, thanks to the non-toxic internal liquid and the completely recyclable outer shell.
The conditioning time of the plates is a function of the useful cooling capacity of the cooling system used.
The eutectic plates are easy to prepare for use:

  • Dip hot plate in water at the temperature of 80°C for 50 minutes;
  • The chilled plate is to be frozen to -10°C;
  • The extra chilled plate is to be frozen to -20°C;
  • The frozen/extra frozen plate to be frozen to -30°C.

Which container is suitable for you?

Do you have a small van or a big truck?
Do you transport fresh or frozen goods?
Is it yours an insulated commercial vehicle?
Do you transport drugs, vaccines and biomedical products?
Choose the insulated container that best suits your needs:

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