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Insulated containers for dry ice logistics

DrIcy insulated containers have been specially designed and manufactured for the preservation of the cold chain with dry ice.
  • Melform patented construction technology for the perfect adhesion of polyethylene and polyurethane. No bending of the external surface and isothermal maintenance;
  • Reduced height to facilitate loading and cleaning operations;
  • Smooth bottom and flushing water drain system;
  • Double adjustable closure, to prevent the lid from bending;
  • Easy handling thanks to ergonomic recesses on the body;
  • Perfectly stackable.

Product range

Which container is suitable for you?

Do you have a small van or a big truck?
Do you transport fresh or frozen goods?
Is it yours an insulated commercial vehicle?
Do you transport drugs, vaccines and biomedical products?
Choose the insulated container that best suits your needs:

ATP Certificate
Europallet - External
Europallet - Internal